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Welcome to The Country Women's Association of Victoria Inc.

The Country Women's Association of Victoria, Inc. is an organisation for country and city women everywhere. With over 5,600 members, 40 Groups and 320 branches throughout the State meeting either day or night, this progressive and vibrant Association aims “to improve conditions by community service more especially as they affect the welfare of women and children”.

The CWA is a self-funded volunteer philanthropic organisation with a focus on friendship, personal development and advocacy. The Association encourages advocating on: community issues; sustainable development and the protection of the environment; and social issues. The CWA also encourages supporting community and taking an interest in the workings of government at all levels. It awards educational grants and scholarships.

The CWA was formed on 12 March 1928 and today boasts over 5,600 members. Each member belongs to one of 320 branches state-wide that maintains its own program and is empowered to meet community needs. We are also a member of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW), which has non-government organisation status with several United Nations agencies.

"Part of a worldwide network of city and rural women supporting women, children and families"



In 2015 we are focused on



Community Connectedness and Creativity

Social Issues Focus

Raising Awareness of Mental Health and
Suicide Prevention in our Community

Thanksgiving Fund

Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia
Research Foundation Victoria

Product / Resource

Bees and Honey

State Project

Roof for Umina

Country of Study